Sunday, October 30, 2005

s e r i s e d 0 9

have been a while since i last updated. been bz with life and work. as usual, spent my bday alone in esplanade. initially had been bearing a hope for the past yr. but the larger the expectations, the larger the disappointment.

time has been cruel to me as i suggest. 24hrs is never enough. never. so many things to accomplish. if only a chance is bestow onto me. if only fate permits, if only i will never be awaken from my dreams.

setbacks and failures are part and parcel of life. embarking on a new beginning is something more important. taking chance of a rare opportuinity for me to update my blog, i want to make a belated bday wish; a wish to make all bday wish for everyone to come true.

hopes are dead, but desire is still burning.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

s e r i s e d 8

been damn bz with my NJRC stuff past week, so, sorry for nv updating my blog.
what happened last week?
moody for a few days,
cut my fingers (pple has been asking me what do i mean by ctrl - X my fingers),
agreed upon a temp job that most likely gonna start tmr (7pm - 3am),
went comex today (i hate singaporean's behaviour),
tmr is the start of NJRC. those who are free, drop by singapore science centre, free for public.
all the best to my 14 teams. plus the rest of 15 teams from my other trainers.
enjoy urslf in perth, shirlaine, u'll be missed!

Friday, August 26, 2005

s e r i s e d 7

strange to see me here again rite? 3rd consecutive blog leh. hard to come by.
today is my bball day. should i say, i always look fwd for fridays.
rain or shine, sick or not, i will try to make myself present on the court. almost a second home to me.
i will dare to say that, my passion for the game is as high as my passion for design. talk about design, i decided to produc banners for my superstar - shirlaine teng's blog. so, do look out for it.

another frustrating day. went to school at 7am this morning, and work on the robot and programs. successfully completed the missions. who knows when i went for lunch, students came in and dismantle my robot and starting jigs!!

now gotta fix up my robot again, jus hope that i can finish it before 6 tmr as im rushing for another coaching session in jurong at 8am.

as im mentioned during my chat with shirlaine, im beginning to feel like im a gigolo (not prostitute), cos appt always fully booked. jus hope that if my robot dun fail me during the competitions.

now in programming diagnose mode. doing a manual for students to prepare them for nxt week's njrc interviews.

all the best to my 6 schools!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

s e r i s e d 6

spent the day in office coaching students from queenstown sec robotics.
though a taxing job, trying to solve missions and meet deadlines, but, proves to be pretty challenging.
have been doing some PS over the fortnight, and drafting designs for the outlook of one of my end product.

got 'scolded' by my 'teacher' for not doing my 'hw'. -_-"

i always wanted to teach, thus, a wanna share this quote frm my lecturer:

A Good teacher Explains...

A Superior teacher Demonstrates...

A GREAT teacher Inspires...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

s e r i s e d 5

some might wonder what have happened over the counting down (ya, someone knew eventually), but i'm gonna keep mum.
been busy with NJRC lately. schools asking for trainings after trainings, not forgetting i still have my dept matters to handle. need extra help badly.
been deprived of slp, deprived of money, deprived of happiness, deprived of L***.
saw something on my msn contact list lately, that makes me sick (i'm just sour over the whole matter that is).
watched the national day rally by our PM. inspirational speech, nice presntation. gotta learn alot from him. guess my bosses heard him too, about modifying the syllabus of NT stream students by '07, now, gotta come out with new ideas.
had a good chat recently with me.
yup, the inner me. now i know that we are so different. thus, the conflicts always occurs when decision is to be made. hope i can compromise with me.
am i sick? sick, i am.
i've tried in vain to practise this, but failed time and again: to live with disappointment and not regrets.
6 more days to a mth, and i hope u like the pressie.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

s e r i s e d 4

counting down in 4.

40% completed.

Monday, July 25, 2005

s e r i s e d 3

counting down in 5.

been busy with work, with project. pass me an inhaler. i need a breather.